Berea Woman Ministry


Berea Woman Ministry

After being married to Pastor I started learning servant's life in practising. Every challenge faced us it was a lesson in our life, I realized the seriousness of God's work and realize the responsibilities of Pastors wives have and the challenges facing them in Ministry. God started giving to me the burden in my heart of how should I serve in order to encourage Pastors wives and women in body of Christ and standing in their turns for serving God's purpose in their life. By experiencing, God gave me an opportunity to learn under Pastor Catherine Abihudi who was a founder of Raising Daughters of Abraham . We used to travel together in the conferences of her Ministry, I was just like an assistant to her, She instructed me to practise a little responsibilities. As I was an assistant to her I learnt so many things which begot a visions to outreach Women in towns and hamlets for Christ. Since then we started conducting Berea Women Conferences in different Region in Tanzania. These conferences were accompanied with the strong teachings to the women and offering lunch meal, these conferences become blessing in and out the country, women has been strengthened and lifted newly in servant.


We purpose to extend God's love to all women to equip them in the word of God and the power of prayer to restore the to wholeness and victorious living.


  • To equip women to fulfill their calling.
  • Reaching women through the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ.
  • Discipline women to follow Christ's example and live overcoming lives.
  • Building wholeness and balance both spiritually and mentally through consistent prayer and study of God's word.
  • Training women to find their places of ministry and effectively touch their world for Christ.

Berea women ministry staff

Pastor Anna Martin

Director of Berean Women Ministry

Sophia Buna

General Secretary

Naomi Msindo

Chief Accountant

Emma M. Abraham

Berea women ministry